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How do I see the parameter value I'm editing with the gold encoders?


Hello, please tell me that we can somehow get numerical feedback as well as the little level meters next to the encoders. Also when creating parameter automations, how can you tell what the current value of a given step is?

For example, when setting the pan of a synth, I'd like it to be exactly center ( 64 if using the MIDI 1-128 standard ) and not kinda mostly centered. I can see the actual parameter value when setting the velocity, so why can't I see the other parameter values as I'm editing them?

Suggestion: pressing the gold encoders the first time shows the parameter it's currently assigned too, and pressing again toggles to the next parameter if more than one is assigned. Turning the encoder shows the value.

( hopefully I'm wrong and I just missed something obvious, since I'm pretty new )


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