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Arranger suggestion - display to show where cursor is in timeline


Im getting pretty lost after about 32 bars as to what im sequencing. It's hard to tell where every 4th bar is when you start to create a long arrangement. 2 possible ideas:

  1. Show on display where the cursor is in the timeline: the display is not being used on arrange much. It would be so helpful to see this.
  2. Alternatively if this was an unused grey colour, you could show vertical lines on every 4th bar or phrase to help you navigate.

Keen to use this tool to build my tracks entirely - got faith this is gonna be nailed and perhaps there will be a number of tips / tricks. But i do think at the moment it is very tricky to consider building a full track (at least in the way i would normally think to do so).


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    VondragonnogginVondragonnoggin California, USAPosts: 149

    Are you using some beta version of 2.0? I don’t have an Arranger section. Still waiting on official 2.0 release for Arranger.

    If it is Beta, don’t you beta testers post in beta group?

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    beakerbeaker AdelaidePosts: 39

    I agree 100% on having a timeline position in the Arranger.

    Could work exactly the same as in other modes and simply display current page or total pages based on current zoom.

    Not having this isn't a bug - so its not a beta issue, so I agree on it being put here simply as an ongoing suggestion. Let the lads get the current features in the beta 2.0 working and released to all for now as we know we won't have to wait very long before 2.x comes along.


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    robleighton22robleighton22 MelbournePosts: 26

    Apologies, was asked to put suggestions on the forum so assumed it was the best place.

    Certainly not a bug, just a suggestion.

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