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MIDI Automation


It would be great if we could get some extra functionality on the MIDI side to bring it more in line with the Synth engine. I'm specifically talking about allowing LFOs and ENVs to output Midi CC. LFO1 would still be global, and LFO2 and the ENVs could work in a mono manner, that would be fine.


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    AbortRetryFailAbortRetryFail FloridaPosts: 21

    Basically add the right-hand shortcut list of modulation sources to MIDI tracks and allow patching to CC.

    This would also allow people to use the sidechain on external gear. (Most synths respond to CC#7, Exp Pedal/Volume)

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    MafooMafoo Posts: 45


    With the added song mode it would be awesome to be able to modulate parameters on external gear using the onboard mod sources.

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