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Launch section should not disable all other sections


I think it would make more sense if launching a section does not disable any other sections. Of course all tracks that have a different variation in the section being launches should mute, but not tracks that only have 1 variation.

This way you can keep drum/percussion/fx track going on while only switching melodies from multiple tracks (bass, lead etc) to another chord/bridge/section.

Now I have to clone the drumtrack to have it in both sections, while I don't want it to change.

Or just not use sections at all..


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    AbortRetryFailAbortRetryFail FloridaPosts: 21

    Sort of like an inverse "SHAR" mode? Where instead of specifying that launching this section does not mute others, specify that other sections launching does not mute this one.

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    MPrinsenMPrinsen NetherlandsPosts: 101

    I don't know SHAR, so not sure what you mean.

    I just mean that launching sections should not disable any other tracks, only the tracks in a section that have another variation (so same synth/kit/midi channel) running should disable the other variation when launched.

    Examples what you can do with this:

    While running a drum loop, with some other percussion on a different track and some ambient samples on another track, then you can launch a section with a bassline and a lead on another track, while keeping the others running.

    Then after a while you can launch a different section that consists of the same bass and lead, but in a different chord. This will only mute the other section, but the drums, percussion and ambient samples keep on running.

    One more additional suggestion:
    When all tracks of a section are running, it would be nice if tapping a section pad of that section should mute the whole section. Currently nothing happens.

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    IcoustikIcoustik NorwayPosts: 463

    SHARed is kind of the inverse of what you want, but you can use it. Hold a section pad, and turn Select knob far-anticlockwise and you'll find the SHARed setting, which means it shares it's launching/ playing with other sections :)

    If you leave your drums on the default setting, INFInite, and then set your other sections that you wouldn't want to mute them out to SHARed, then at least you'll keep it running.
    Now however, the other sections will play simultaneously so to launch/mute them you use the Mute pads instead of the section pads

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    MPrinsenMPrinsen NetherlandsPosts: 101

    Hey @Icoustik Thanks for the tip! I played with it and this works for me as well! I just set all sections to SHARED

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