General discussion about the music synthesizer, sampler and sequencer you know and love. Also, if you've made a Deluge video tutorial, post it here.
  • Deluge Presets

    If you have made your own presets you would like to share with other users, please start a thread here, include a link or embed so users can hear the presets in action and then link to the file users can download.
  • Deluge Sample Packs

    If you have made your own sample pack you'd like to share, please start a new thread, describe the samples in the pack or link to an example of them in use and and share a link for other users to download here.
  • Deluge Songs & Remixes

    Did you write a track on the Deluge you'd like to let users put on their machines and potentially remix? Upload your song file off your SD card and put a link to it here. If you used any synth presets or samples not provided on the Deluge as standard, you will also need to upload those within a zip file along with your song file so other users can install those too.
  • Deluge Software Suggestions

    Submit any suggestions you have for the Synthstrom Deluge's software
  • Deluge Questions, Feedback & Updates

    Post a question or some feedback about the Synthstrom Deluge. This is also the place where Synthstrom Audible will list any changes/updates to the manual, software, UI etc...
  • Deluge Two-Hour Challenge

    When we first launched the Deluge late in 2016 we did so with an event where all the participants saw a Deluge for the first time then had just 2 hours with it to learn how to use it and write a song to perform for 5 minutes at our release show that night. We had 20 people take part, 10 of them has never performed live before and many had never written electronic music before. Let's see what you can do in two hours! Read the top post for instructions on how to participate.
  • Deluge Support Content

    Here you can find all the videos, documents and guides we have to using the Deluge
  • Downrush (software editor) by Jamie Fenton

    A place for all update information and conversation about Jamie Fenton's software editor for Deluge - "Downrush"
  • Deluge Mentioned Elsewhere

    If you see a review or article, mention of the Deluge elsewhere, share it here.